A long-term work permit is issued to a foreign worker that wishes to take employment in Kenya for up to 2 years or more.  The validity period of the permit is subject to the discretion of the Director of the department of immigration services. Work permits are renewable for no more than 5 consecutive years. There are different classes of work permits depending on the work assignment or nature of activities to be conducted in Kenya.


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Long-term work permit

Allows you to lawfully work

Valid for up to 2 years

Valid for up to 2 years

Required prior to entering Kenya

Required prior to entering Kenya

are different classes of work permits

There are different classes of work permits


The process of obtaining a work permit in Kenya is complex, the application has to be submitted at the Department of Immigration and takes up to 3 months to be finalized. It is quintessential to prove scarce skills and experience as the Kenyan Government will expect the foreign employer to transfer his/her skills to a Kenyan national. Those seeking to work in Kenya must therefore ensure that their prospective employers have secured appropriate Work Permits before they proceed and depart to Kenya. Should you wish to receive further information on the above please complete our contact form below.



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