A student’s pass or internship pass is issued to foreign nationals who wish to pursue their education in Kenya’s education or training institutions, or those who wish to undertake an internship or take part in academic research in an accredited institution in Kenya. The validity of the pass is depending on the duration of studies, the duration of the internship, or research assignment.


Allows you to study, research, or take part in an internship in Kenya

Validity dependant on duration of studies or internship

Validity dependant on duration of studies or internship

Required prior to entering Kenya

Required prior to entering Kenya


The following quintessential documents must be submitted interalia with the application –

  • Online application
  • Cover letter from the relevant Kenyan education or training institution, where applicable
  • Cover letter from the institution indicating the internship or research topic and duration, where applicable
  • Signed commitment letter from the sponsor, where applicable
  • Proof of funds for self-sponsored students, where applicable
  • Consent letter from the parent, where applicable
  • Copy of parent’s passport, and copy of a birth certificate, where applicable
  • Copy of research permit from the National Council for Science and Technology, where applicable

For more information on the application process for student or internship passes, please contact us:


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